Author Topic: What should the results of the European election tell us?  (Read 499 times)

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What should the results of the European election tell us?
« on: June 08, 2009, 06:57:07 PM »

Tonight Glenn Beck asked Stuart Varney what message should the democrats get from the European elections.  HERE IS THE QUESTION I THINK NEEDS TO BE ANSWERED.  WHAT MESSAGE SHOULD THE REPUBLICANS GET FROM THE EUROPEAN RESULTS?
Rush Limbaugh is correct when he says that the libs campaign like conservatives to get elected, telling the public what they want to hear, then they govern like the libs they really are.  We all have said many times that BO has broken another campaign promise...and notice that the promises broken are predominately those pledges he made to constrain spending and hold down taxes.
Here is the messages the parties will get:
DEMOCRATS MESSAGE:  Well based on the European elections we can use the same playbook.  We will have to show concern about cutting taxes and spending, making those promises necessary to get elected and then govern as we please.  We get a free pass from the mainstream media so it should not be a problem.
REPUBLICANS MESSAGE:  God, this is wishful thinking.  We better go back to the conservative roots of Ronald Reagan and be in lock step behind that message.  When we do regain power, unlike 1994, we best follow through and not lose our way.  In addition we need to get very aggressive, so as to make sure the election rhetoric is "do not look at the words of the democrats on the campaign trail, look at the deeds"....  If we get another batch of republicans running as democrat lite, or those not willing to confront the libs on their forked tongues, it will be a terrible wasted opportunity.
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