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What a luanatic.............. :mental:

seabeyond  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:07 PM
Original message
i hit your honor student so hard it dropped his GPA.......
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do you think that is funny? i was in academy sports store and read that t shirt as i was going up to counter to check out. i got irate. really, irate. i hate that i responded so aggressively and angrily to a stupid tshirt, but i did. i told cashier with a woman cashing out how STUPID that tshirt was. he said being a football player he thought it was funny. i told him promoting violence wasn't funny to me. teaching our children to laugh at hitting a smart kid wasn't funny to me. then i saw a manager working with customers and interrupted letting her know how offensive the tshirt was. males embracing stupid. be proud of stupid.

the more and more i thought about it, the angrier i became.

went into another store and asked cashiers. one (young) thought funny, the older woman just shook her head. but then she has a daughter teaching 5th grade in a school, seeing all the issues.

went to hastings to buy a book for myself and son.... the one that has a very high GPA and in 7th grade took the SAT beating 60% of high school seniors taking the test...... and asked three guys... all X football players. they thought it was funny too. playing football seems to have something to do with this "joke". all the males that thought it was funny equated to football some way.

in the car with sons, telling them how all thought was funny were working as cashiers making minimum wage where as the person with the high GPA had the professional job. ha ha.... isn't that funny. add on to that little tshirt.

my husband just got home and i asked if he thought it was funny. no smile, no giggle, i watched. first out of mouth was "trash".

he is also one with a masters and doesn't see his manhood in beating someone up.

i am in the panhandle of texas. the manly man. where many equate being a man to being able to fight. that being a man is fox news watching. war. i feel the tshirt is the embracing of the violence and disrespect so prevalent in our society today. and that people thinking it is funny are feeding the beast

i also feel that those that think it funny would also be shaking their heads at the school shootings, the anger on anger rage on rage killings over nothing..... wondering what is coming of the world today totally clueless that this very comment and seeing it as funny, and lighten up is a part of it all.

i generally don't get so angry at this stuff. i generally shrug it off. but this one, in this area really bothered me.

Personally I chuckled when I read it.....then again, I watch fox news, own weapons, hate liberals, have no college degree, served my country shake my head everytime there is a school shooting.

Oh yeah I give it 7 bongs......................I believe this one is true

bluestateguy (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:08 PM
Response to Original message
1. "My kid got your honor student pregnant"
 I saw this on a car in California in 1995.

seabeyond  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:09 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. i guess that would be the stupid hitting out at the smart female.
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geez ... us

NYCALIZ  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:11 PM
Response to Original message
3. those 'family values' that the GOP administration promised 
 are apparently hard at work.

I think both the T-shirt and the bumper sticker show terrific taste.
The bumper sticker is worse because its written like the parent is bragging.
Foolish teens, it happens due to immaturity.
Foolish parents, is a family disaster waiting to happen

dsc  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:12 PM
Response to Original message
4. I would be pissed
 Of course, my local paper ran the following headline to describe the induction ceremony of my school's national honor society. "Eggheads honored". Worse, when I called to complain they "didn't know it was offensive". But the t shirt is worse.

seabeyond  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:17 PM
Response to Reply #4
10. it was on display in front, on pumped up masculine "dummy" that i hadn't seen the likes of
 didn't know they had these male dummies with such muscle mass. but the tshirt was on one of those, proudly displayed for all. it was chosen.... by management.

thanks dsc that you would be pissed and recogniZe the same and bothered with eggheads honored. exactly the point.


panader0  (1000+ posts)      Sat Feb-09-08 06:14 PM
Response to Original message
5. I too think it is dumb, but
 it's not fair to equate football players or basketball players or "jocks" in general with being insensitive or ignorant, My son is a straight A student and a great athlete. How about those Stanford Cardinals? One of the best academic and sports schools in the nation, and I believe my oldest daughter is headed there.

I sense some primitive on primitive violence coming  :rotf:

seabeyond  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:19 PM
Response to Reply #5
11. i was not the one that kept bring it to football. the men that thought it was funny
 were the ones that took it to football. that was one of the things that bothered me. that football seemed to be connected to this. i was a highly competitive swimmer in calif for two decades. i know sports, competing and working my ass off for sport and this attitude is not a part of sports or sportsmanship. further, the majority of the exceptional swimmers were also straight A students. NOWHERE am i saying you do sports, you are stupid

SeaIdjit is an IDJIT

Magic Rat  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:14 PM
Response to Original message
6. bragging that your student is on the honor roll is kinda tacky
 not that it should encourage violence, though.


knitter4democracy  (1000+ posts)      Sat Feb-09-08 06:14 PM
Response to Original message
7. It does seem to be more of a football joke.
 Football is all about strategic hitting. Many guys hit as hard as they possibly can and like hitting that hard. I know that sounds weird, but I grew up the geek in a football family, and I saw how my stepbrothers actually liked getting hit like that. It's a football thing.

As for the honors student thing, that part's just mean and nasty. Football players hit each other on the field, so they shouldn't be tackling the geeks in the hallway. Not funny. The "joke" is that the football player hits that hard, but since geeks often are the targets of bullying behavior, it's just plain not funny.

fenriswolf  (1000+ posts)      Sat Feb-09-08 06:29 PM
Response to Reply #14
18. well i laugh at it
 because it is funny
. They are in referance to kids "honor student" stickers that they get in grade school and middle school. Those stickers have always seemed presumptious to me and high grades in grade school don't really reflect anything worth bragging about yet. I laugh because other people who don't have those stickers are making fun of the ones who display them proudly. I'm sure if you asked any parent if they had a choice of having an honor roll student or a linebacker on the high school team what would they choose, i'm sure they would choose the good grades.

 :lmao: :lmao:

varkam   (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:16 PM
Response to Original message
9. To be honest, I clicked on this thread because I laughed.
 I don't think it's only football players or bullies that can find that funny, because I am neither. Most of my time is spend either here on DU, at work, or with my nose in a book.

seabeyond  (1000+ posts)       Sat Feb-09-08 06:25 PM
Response to Reply #9
15. i like to keep things in perspective.... so thank you for your post
 beyond my initial anger, after time, lol lol.... i was asking myself if it wasnt just funny. so thanks

So you stayed pissed for about an hour minimum, then after posting this thread it only took you 15 minutes to find this aren't getting the reaction you wanted in this thread. Minus 3 bongs

tularetom  (1000+ posts)      Sat Feb-09-08 06:31 PM
Response to Original message
20. I feel very strongly both ways
 Of course that t shirt is asinine but at the same time I sure got sick of all the smarmy honor student bumper stickers I saw on cars around here a few years back. Some of the worst ones were for "christian" schools, which implied that the honor student got where he or she was through the intervention of "Jesus" which I always thought was kind of a putdown of their own kid although they never would've recognized it as such.
I gotta admit the first time I saw "My kid beat up your honor student", I laughed. Now I think any parent who has to live vicariously through their kid, honor student or jock, is a pretty lousy parent.

I'm not advocating violence but to think that fighting is alien to the kid culture is to be extremely naive. Remember Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" - were either a bully, a toady, or one of the nameless rabble of victims".


So overall I give it 4 bongs on the non political bong scale
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