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Some reflection on Dick Morris remarks tonight
« on: March 02, 2009, 10:59:12 PM »

I don't know if anyone saw Dick Morris on Hannity tonight but he said several interesting things.  First of all he predicted in his book exactly what is happening right on the button from an economic standpoint.

Then he said something interesting.  They were talking about core values and principals and Morris said that BO is not concerned about helping America, and he is willing to put up with unpopularity to accomplish his real agenda, redistribution! He really does not care how much pain he puts the country through because he is working to his personal goal....redistribution.

That one sentence really hit me.

How many times did we see during the campaign, Rev. Wright and his "God damn America" and all the problems on this earth are a result of the evil white man, the greedy capitalists are the problem, never once taking any responsibility himself for the fact the black folks are continually in poverty because he preaches an entitlement message and a hatred message constantly.

Sooner or later someone is going to have to speak up and speak the truth.  What we have elected is a smooth talking Rev. Wright who is hell-bent on righting all the social injustices (from their perspective) that the white folks have laid upon the blacks.  He is hell bent on taking from those who work and giving to those who are minorities. 

He started at ACORN, got them a house they could not afford.  Now they can't make the payments so he is going to get the evil, rich, greedy white man to pay their mortgage.  You get the picture.  He is willing to bankrupt the country to get it done.  It is payback time in his eyes......

Instead of debating the porkulus or the individual items in each bill, there must come a time when opponents focus on the real problem, he wants to steal from the workers and give their money to folks of his order for them to vote to keep democrats in power.

Up until tonight I really felt the divide was philosophical, hate to say it but from BO's pespective it sure appears to me to be totally racial...or communist.  What is scary is the fact Morris complimented BO on the fact that he will readily risk unpopularity to achieve his goal.  Now that is scary.

Let any republican, or conservative republican utter those remarks and the mainstream press will roast em and toast em like you will never believe.  Who on the republican side could pull it off?  This is one time I don't think Rush could do it.  I would love to see an ad where they show some excerpts from Wright's talks, then show a parallel to the agenda and items getting passed in congress.  I think Morris is right.  I just do not see anyone who could pull it off unless it is Michael Steele although Keyes could do it but no one would take him that seriously.

Morris predicted that there will be a massive movement toward conservatism.  I am not so sure that will be so easy.  Jindahl, Palin and others are being destroyed by the media as quickly as they can because they know they are up and coming conservatives and could indeed be good leaders.  They must kill them before they can be a real threat, just like they did Gingrich, George Allen and others. 

The country is ripe for an outsider from Washington, particularly a governor who has done a good job, to take control of the republican party.  Limbaugh is right, conservatives have yet to open up their checkbooks to the republican party, and for good reason.  Why do I feel like our team is down by 8 points with a minute to go, and we are backed up on our own ten yard line.  It can be done, but it ain't gonna be easy......

Anyone else seeing things this way????