Author Topic: Obama Favors Letting States Set Auto Emission Rules as Rust Belt Howls  (Read 628 times)

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Why did the government just give the automakers money if Der Fuhrer is going to kneecap them ?  Just imagine the price of a car if every state decides to set their own emission standards.  :banghead:  This clown does not think about repercussions of his actions.
WASHINGTON — In a move that could put even more pressure on faltering automakers to quickly produce higher-mileage vehicles, President Barack Obama on Monday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to review whether states should enforce their own greenhouse gas emissions rules for vehicles.

Such a move could allow California and 13 other states to set their own emissions standards — well over what is required under the current national standard. Obama also ordered the U.S. Transportation Department to work with automakers to make more fuel-efficient vehicles by the 2011 model year.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood "downplayed the degree of fight-back likely from Detroit" if the EPA grants California and other states a waiver to enforce the rules, according to "The car manufacturers knew this was coming," LaHood said. "I don't think you're going to see them get a lot of heartburn over this." Automakers opposed such a move during Obama's presidential campaign.

But Senator George Voinovich, R-Ohio, from the heartland of American auto manufacturing, fired back with a written statement that warned: "I am fearful that today's action will begin the process of setting the American auto industry back even further. The federal government should not be piling on an industry already hurting in a time like this.

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Re: Obama Favors Letting States Set Auto Emission Rules as Rust Belt Howls
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Just like last time in the '70's the cost of building the vehicles to meet the standards will be passed on to the consumer.  I remember when California did this (they were the first), and every vehicle shipped to Caifornia had approximately $250 added to the price for "California Emissions"......this was at a time when a new vehicle could be purchased for about seven grand.

This will also be added to the costs of an import as well.......meh......then when folks complain that they can't afford new vehicles, and production is cut....and union workers get laid off.....the spiral continues.

We all know how well this scam works now on the cost of refining umteen different grades of gasoline in order to meet all of the geographical restrictions.......basically it just increases the price.....

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