Author Topic: I thought it was about compassion  (Read 662 times)

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I thought it was about compassion
« on: February 03, 2008, 08:34:31 AM »
DemGa  (1000+ posts)        Sun Feb-03-08 12:07 AM
Original message
Universal health care - a paradigm shift

Universal health care will cause a fundamental shift to the left in this country - because once the people get it, they won't give it back. That also means the center is shifted politically - the Repugs are scared to death of it.

The USA could undergo a long-term shift to the left of center with universal coverage. Good times could very well be ahead.

Fingers crossed.

So it isn`t about health care after all but creating dependence and consolidating political power.

TransitJohn  (1000+ posts)         Sun Feb-03-08 08:09 AM
Response to Reply #1
11. I think most of us here on the DU
   don't want health insurance for all. I am sick to ****ing death of paying $500/month for the right to once I need medical attention having to pay 20% of the grossly inflated charges. Health insurance for all is a ****ing is extortion and racketeering. It's all about corporate profits. What I think we want, and I know what I want, is health care for all. Kucinich's plan is where it's at.....Medicare For All. Single payer all the way.

Or maybe it is just about personal greed and selfishness.

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Re: I thought it was about compassion
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2008, 10:48:29 AM »
I have given this a lot of thought.  I conclude that when and (BIG) if some fashion of "universal" coverage is implemented in the United States it will be nothing like the DUmbasses envision.  It will not be the free-for-all the DUmbasses assume to be the only way. 

There will be two tiers to the system, at least.   Private care will flourish.  Oprah Winfrey won't be going to a community clinic for her free harmone shots, for example.  The Brits will still be able to fly over here for the care they are denied at home.   Lots of money will change hands, as always.

Taxes will be sky-high with more and more of the "working poor" paying real money to the treasury.  Tax refunds will be rare.  The "rich" won't be soaked because real economists know that plan never works out for the best.  Government (free) health care will be rationed.

The DUmmies and their ilk will be right back to bitchin' and moanin' about their class envy and societal inequities.  Liberalism will ultimately suffer.