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Juan Peron
« on: January 27, 2008, 02:47:21 PM »
Juan Peron was an Argentinian president who was a dictator who Fascist tendencies from 1946-1955 and 1972-1974, when he died. He was a soldier originally who in a coup became Secretary of Labor in 1943, then he went to prison, because some military personals feared he was getting powerful in 1945, which he goes to jail. Then in October 17th, a large rally occurs calling for the release of Juan Peron, which he is released. He marries Maria Eva Duarte, who becomes Evita Peron. This was Juan Peron's second marriage. His first wife died of cancer.

He is elected in 1945 in landslide. He gets support from urban workers and the poor. Juan Peron was a dictator. Also, he nationalizes industry, in which government controls it. Almost every aspect of Argentina's economy is centralized under him, which there are accusation of him being a Fascist and possibly a Nazis. Juan Peron got his idea of Fascism when in Italy, when he was stationed there in the 1930s and liked the system. Also, Juan Peron learned German to read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kemp in its originality. Evita Peron spoke to woman and was charismatic and got woman to vote which helped Juan Peron win. Women in Argentina were granted the right to vote, but Evita was not a feminist. Then economy falls apart and corruption runs rampant.

Evita dies in 1952 from cancer. He is overthrown by the military. There was an attempt to overthrow Juan Peron in 1949 by General Alejandro Lanusse, who went to prison until 1955. Lanusse lets Juan Peron back to Argentina when he is president from 1971-1973. Juan Peron was a dictator and called for separation of church and state, which got him overthrown after the military told him to either step down or face a civil war. He had no will for war, so he left in 1955, then went to Paraguay in exile, which was under Alfredo Stroessner. He also married Isabel Peron, his third wife and went to Spain.

Juan and Evita Peron helped, gave shelter, and harbored thousands of Nazis war criminals, like Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Klaus Barbie, Ante Pavelic, and thousands Nazis, many of them involved in the Holocaust. Eichmann is the engineer of the Holocaust. Mengele is the Nazis scientist at Auschwitz who did hideous experiments on people. Barbie is the Butcher of Lyon. Pavelic is the leader of the Ustashi known for their barbaricness. This explains why Nazis monsters ended up in Argentina and South America. It was very elaborate well planned to help Nazis escape Europe. Juan Peron wanted to help the Nazis because he wanted their money and assets, technology. Also he had sympathy with the Nazis. Evita Peron went to Europe to help Nazis flee and take their assets and put them in Swiss bank accounts, which Juan Peron had tried to access, but couldn't. Evita Peron was good friends with Otto Skorzeny who operated ODESSA, which helped Nazis escape justice and helped Mussolini escape in Italy. He was also Evita's personal bodyguard. Juan and Evita Peron are still revered to this day in Argentina. Some see Evita as a saint and advocate, while others as a whore and dictator, like Juan Peron.

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