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China, the land of Orientals was not always dominated by Orientals. In Western China, there were Caucasian people who are Indo-European and likely Celtic in origin called Tocharian. Their remains have been found in western China around Urumqi. They are dubbed as "China's Red Haired" Mummy. Their body is well preserved in the desert. They are described as having red or blonde hair and light skin. In Ancient Chinese literature, they have writings of White people amongst them. They were at first described as horse riding barbarians. They also describe Chinese emperors and shamans as White. Many Chinese generals and soldiers were described as having light skin and hair. They even had an empire, called the Kushan Empire in what is now Western China, Afghanistan, parts of India, and Central Asia. It was a large empire that lasted for hundreds of years. The empire was quite diverse. They had contact with the Greek, Roman, and Persian Empire. Today, the Tocharians exist in Afghans, Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Krygz, and Han, who are the descendents of them today. Some Chinese and Korean people show some Caucasian features.   

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