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Basques people, better known as Euskalduna in their language. Basque is one of the only language in Europe that is not Indo-European in origin. In fact, Basque has no know relatives. The origins of Basque is a mystery. Some linguists believe it is related to Armenian, Etruscan, Finnish, Hungarian, Indians tribes of America, Ainu, and even the language of lost Atlantis. Basque seems to show some characteristics of Caucasian languages and Da-Nene language family that includes Apache and Navajo. Some scientists believe Ainu and Basque are related to each other. Some even think Basques are directly related to Cro-Magnon humans, basically caveman. Basques have a high incidence of Rh negative blood. They are genetically related to Irish, Scots, and Welsh. Basques live in northern Spain and southern France. It is even thought that Basques and Cro-Magnon lived in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Welsh and Gaelic is said to have some Basque elements. Eskimo place names are Basque-like. Some even think Eskimos (Inuits) are related to Basque or Ainu. Some people think Indians in America are related to Basque and Ainu. Indians who traveled in Europe went through Basque country and heard the language. The Indians thought they were hearing their own language and understood it. They converesed with each other.
FAQs about Basque
Possible Link With Cro-Magnon language
Relationship Between Basque and Ainu
Relationship Between Eskimo and Basque

Here's webpage about Basque. This page claims that Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel were Basque.
What is Basque?

Basque last names. Many are familiar Hispanic last names, like Aguirre, Salazar, Nunez, Echeverria, and Aramburu.
Basque Last Names

Another detailed page about Basque. Shows some ties with Basque and Celtic and Caucasian people.
Basque Language and Culture

A detailed webpage about the Basque people. Archaelogical and ethnographic findings indicate, Basques are indeed descendents of Cro-Magnon man.

Famous Basques
St. Ignatius of Loyola
Francis Xavier
Cabeza de Vaca
Simon Bolivar
Lope de Aguirre
Juan Bautista de Anza
Che Guevara
Luis Echeverria
Evita Peron
Augusto Pinochet
Ted Williams
Princess Máxima of the Netherlands
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