Author Topic: No taxes on anybody making less than $250k. Has he ever heard of an "S Corp"?  (Read 1228 times)

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I explained this to my wife yesterday.  Obama's plan is just a plan to cause our entire economy to topple from the top down.  Trillions on new spendings, and only taxing that top 10% or so is going to break that top 10%.  Then when their all broke, or have left the country, major corps and big business is going to die, thousands apon thousands will lose their jobs, outsourcing will happen like crazy.

Thank god I'm in the military.  I know I'll be able to weather the next 4 years.
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It appears to me that the prospect of Obama winning is giving the stock market the night sweats, the funny thing about that is that the resulting squirrel-in-the-road behavior by the traders is making an Obama victory much more likely than it would be otherwise.
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