Author Topic: Just Leave Iraq & Suppost Philistines & the Muzzies will Make Peace  (Read 915 times)

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MADRID, Spain - Police acting on a tipoff that a radical Islamic group was plotting suicide attacks in Barcelona moved against the cell last week even though it had not amassed enough explosives to make bombs, Spain’s police chief said Thursday.

“They had the will but not the means,” National Police chief Joan Mesquida said a day after a judge in Madrid sent 10 suspects to jail pending further investigation. Judge Ismael Moreno said the cell had been planning suicide attacks last weekend on the public transport network in Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city.

The 10 suspects are nine Pakistanis and one Indian. They were among 14 men arrested Saturday; police freed two and the judge two more.

It would be nice if we had some resident Ronulans and/or libs to weigh in as to why appeasement should be assumed to work...ever.
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