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highplainsdem (26,463 posts)

Angry Father Confronts Warren on Student Debt Plan: 'The Ones That Do The Right Thing Get Screwed?'

Posting this because it points out that there will be some backlash over student debt forgiveness.

And Sanders will run into it, too. Not just Warren.

The Valley Below (1,567 posts)

1. This is a real issue.
Many families scrimp and save for decades to make college for children as debt-free as possible. That's a real sacrifice.

People who felt they did the right thing will feel burned under such loan forgiveness plans.

blm (102,623 posts)

29. It isn't screwing any one over. When this country gets to singlepayer
at some point, will that mean that we somehow screwed over people like me who have been paying off high medical bills for the last ten years? No. And I wouldn’t even think in terms of being screwed over. Not to mention paying college tuition the last two years for baby blm.

Ruh-roh Raggy! ^Someone^ "got" the trap in the Iowa Dad's reasoning!

The Valley Below (1,567 posts)

41. Sure it is "screwing over people" to pay off student loans for some.
That is hardly "ideal."

Many eschewed high dollar universities, or went to community colleges, and worked--and parents sacrificed and paid the bills, while the Warren plans is "too bad for you."

That won't fly.

Then jberryhill went ad hominem on The Valley Below for heresy:

jberryhill (60,037 posts)

82. You are joking, right?
The GI Bill was for white people.

The auto bailout program must have really made you angry during the Obama administration.

Race Card played!

jberryhill (60,037 posts)

277. When Jimmy Carter pardoned draft evaders en masse, what did you say to the parents...
...who lost kids that were drafted and died in Vietnam?

Were you out complaining about that?

Peacenik Card played!

VERY long thread, not many actually taking on Iowa Dad's point. Pop up more :popcorn: !
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

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A couple of them call the guy "selfish." Selfish? Really? Taking responsibility for your own expenses is selfish?

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I'm guessing 'The Valley Below' is either an actual taxpayer or hangs out with a lot of them, and 'jberryhill' isn't/doesn't.  And yes, Carter's amnesty DID screw over everyone who did their duty and the families who lost sons, fathers, brothers, etc., while rewarding the cowards and weasels.
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Guess what,those that did struggle to pay off student debt are also the ones being handed the tab of debt forgiveness and FREEEEE! college.