Author Topic: Goes all the way back to Clinton: the desire to control the internet.  (Read 40 times)

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Many forget (or didn't know) that the Clinton Admin tried hard to exploit fears after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to gain control of the internet by demanding backdoor to encryption.

But it was after Hillary's 2016 loss that controlling the internet became a top Dem priority:
Reminder that what Jen Psaki and this White House is doing on Facebook tracks back to Clinton's digital director blaming facebook for her loss in 2016 and not the fact she visited Hamilton on Broadway more than she visited Wisconsin

Thank God for alt media.

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Thank God for alt media.

Completely remember that era.  And I'm pleased that some sane liberals such as Glenn Greenwald understand these pertinent issues.  Rush used to mention that Bill Clinton tried to blame "right wing media" for fanning the flames 3 hours a day that created Timothy McVeigh with "no truth detector".

That creates the issue: Who decides whom is the truth detector and what are accurate and reliable sources?
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