Author Topic: NYT video from 2018 shows professor demonstrating how easy it is to hack Dominio  (Read 30 times)

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NYT video from 2018 shows professor demonstrating how easy it is to hack Dominion voting machines

The New York Times published a video in 2018 of a University of Michigan computer scientist showing a group of his students how to hack and rig a Dominion Voting Systems machine – the electronic balloting equipment at the center of the Election Day voter fraud controversy.

The machines reportedly had some minor glitches on election night, but President Trump and others have suggested they switched votes to Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden. There has been no evidence so far that votes were switched.

The purpose of the 2-year-old video was to prove that if college students can hack an election voting machine, so can the Russians.

Dominion Voting machine can be hacked easily. It was in the New York times.

He then tells viewers of the video how to hack the machines. Below are the outlined points he makes:

"Step 1: Buy a voting machine on eBay, or if you’re the North Koreans, Hack the manufacturer and steal their software code.

Step 2: Write a virus.

Step 3: Email your virus to every election official responsible for programming the voting machines with new ballots.

Step 4: Wait.

Step 5: Hijack the programming and let the election officials copy your invisible malicious code onto the voting machines.

Step 6: Watch your code silently steal votes."

In the video, Haldermann asks his students to participate in a poll where they are asked to choose between their own university and number one rival, The Ohio State University. As students are seen voting for Michigan, the votes are shown being changed to Ohio State, due to Haldermann's premeditated hack of the machines.

So much red flags.
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