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Moore: May through August has been 'the four biggest months of job creation' in US history

Economist Stephen Moore said Sunday that the past four months have been “the four biggest months of job creation” in U.S. history, growth that comes after widespread shutdowns amid the rise of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring.

“May, June, July and August have been the four biggest months of job creation in the history of the United States. We’ve regained over 10 million jobs in four months,” Moore, a staunch Trump ally, said on John Catsimatidis’s radio show on WABC 770 AM Sunday.

The Labor Department reported Friday that the U.S. added 1.4 million jobs in August and the unemployment rate declined to 8.4 percent from 10.2 percent in July.

Despite the lockdown and pandemic, there have been many jobs have been created.

Moore also claimed Trump “is going to win a larger percentage of the Black vote in America than any Republican in 50 years” because of his stance on the economy and public safety.

Trump won 11 percent of the Black vote in 2016, though Moore said he “would not be surprised if Donald Trump didn’t get over 25 percent of the Black vote” this time around.

“You can mark that down,” Moore said. “And the reason is Donald Trump is a job creator. And Donald Trump is someone who believes in public safety … and keeping businesses open.
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