Author Topic: De Blasio is ‘making a lot of mistakes’ with coronavirus response: sources  (Read 177 times)

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De Blasio is ‘making a lot of mistakes’ with coronavirus response: sources

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s micromanaging of the city’s coronavirus response is preventing city health officials from getting the latest guidance about how to contain its spread to the public, five sources told The Post.

“He needs to step back and let the health commissioner make the decision. There’s just too many missteps,” one local elected official told The Post.

City Health Department officials are “wildly frustrated with Mayor de Blasio,” according to an agency source.

There is more.
“He’s wrong on a lot of things and he’s making a lot of mistakes,” the source said, referencing the mayor misinforming a traveler who had returned from Italy last week that she didn’t need to self-isolate unless she had symptoms.

The source added that the mayor’s relationship with his Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, is “toxic right now” because of the logjam. Her No. 2, Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control Demetre Daskalakis, stopped attending the mayor’s briefings last week after disagreements with the mayor.

“Every word of this is true,” said a City Hall source.

Talk about major incompetence!
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Mistakes? Or #Resist sabotage the way Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nadin did it with Katrina? I believe in Hanlon's Razor, but after contamination made the first batch of CDC tests useless and set up the Dems' propaganda line about testing ... let's just say it was rather "convenient" for the Dems' propaganda.
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