Author Topic: Son of Clinton-Defending Preacher Suspected of Leaking From Clinton-Email Probe  (Read 7304 times)

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Son of Clinton-Defending Preacher Suspected of Leaking From Clinton-Email Probe

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) suspected in early 2016 that the son of a prominent Clinton-defending preacher leaked sensitive information from a small team working on the Clinton-email inquiry, according to documents released to the public on Aug. 14.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough suspected that Paul Wogaman, the son of a preacher to the Clintons, was leaking information from the small team reviewing the classification levels of the emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized server, according to the testimony of ICIG investigator Frank Rucker, who spoke to Congress on Dec. 4 last year.

According to Rucker, McCullough was so concerned about the leaks that he “considered pulling and examining everybody’s phone records,” the interview transcript states.

Here is what gets interesting.
McCullough came to suspect Wogaman as the leaker after Wikileaks released John Podesta’s emails. In one of the emails, dated Feb. 9,  2016, David Kendall, the attorney representing Hillary Clinton in the email-server probe, describes a meeting which took place the same day between Jennifer Duck, the chief of staff to Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) and a person described only as “our favorite son.”

Paul Wogaman is the leaker.

Paul Wogaman is the son of radical leftist pastor Rev. J. Philip Wogaman.
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