Author Topic: Not even sure what to call this bouncy...  (Read 5069 times)

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Not even sure what to call this bouncy...
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:39:01 PM »
Star Member The Velveteen Ocelot (73,614 posts)

This recently happened in Minneapolis - guy with guns watching a house with an anti-Trump sign.

The local Nextdoor web site just posted this:

Last week a person was parked in a Black BMW [that's racist] on multiple days for long periods of time near the intersection of xxxxxx. Police were eventually called and it was discovered he had multiple weapons and loads of ammo in the vehicle, including two semi-automatic weapons. He also had a bullet proof vest. He was detained and the weapons were confiscated but they were purchased legally so I believe he could go to the precinct and ask for them back.

Worth noting he told police he was watching a house - that happened to have a handmade anti-Trump sign in the window.
A xxxxxx neighbor contacted xxxxx council member xxxxx on 8/5. She replied the same day after having talked with (precinct police inspector) who let her know that a # of steps have been taken to respond to this situation, including the 'safe keeping' of the individual's guns until a very thorough background check is run, alerting all officers in the precinct about the details of this incident, an investigation by the weapons unit, and, this statement: "We encourage anyone who notices that the suspicious vehicle involved in this incident has returned to the neighborhood to call 911 and tell the call taker that firearms were recovered from the suspicious vehicle on 8/2 as the driver was parked in the neighborhood. Officers will make contact with the driver and occupants and assess the situation."

This was about six blocks from my house.  They're everywhere.

somebody watching a house...  :mental:

Trenzalore (1,335 posts)

1. 2020 is not going to be a safe time

He is warming up the band with his rhetoric. When he finds out he is behind in the polls (if he believes it) he will literally engage in the most divisive irresponsible language that he can think of.

It is not going to be pretty.

meanwhile, the left is physically attacking people and doxxing anyone who supports trump...

gratuitous (66,097 posts)

2. I'd bet a dollar to a hole in a doughnut

I'll bet this fellow isn't supposed to be in possession of firearms due to an earlier transgression against the law.

if that was true, he'd have committed a felony and would still be in jail...  :whatever:

Star Member Srkdqltr (394 posts)

3. Don't they know that dems and anti trumpers can and do have guns?

People may be shooting back.

Star Member pangaia (22,238 posts)

28. not enough people believe the fascist takeover is very far along--- there will be blood..

even here...every day it is.. "Oh, how worse can it get?"

Oh, today donnie did this.
McConnel did that...
beto is looking good in Iowa...

Everybody WAKE UP !!!


Star Member ancianita (10,640 posts)

30. Yep. By the time people realize we're too far gone, Dopey Donnie will have prohibited their

travel out of the country through his state of emergency.

It will be reluctantly followed through with enforcement by a christianized military and his cult finger pointers.

 :mental: :mental:

yaesu (1,679 posts)

13. the last time I had signs students from a local religious college kept stealing them nt

 :lmao: highly doubtful.

snacker (3,430 posts)

7. This is in my daughter's neighborhood...maybe 3 blocks away. A friend of hers lives on the block where this incident took place and witnessed the event. Quite the scary situation in a very safe Minneapolis neighborhood.


Star Member kairos12 (7,651 posts)

15. A Brown Shirt exposed.

Drumpt, no doubt, will encourage MAGA zombies to show up armed around polling places to deter "illegal voting."

You bet this will happen.

 :whatever:  it's the Militant Black Panthers and ANTIFA who will be showing up...

Star Member The Velveteen Ocelot (73,614 posts)

23. The description was of a guy in his late '30s, not a kid.

 :whatever: they posted a description of the guy> Why not a licence plate number?

Star Member Scruffy1 (2,680 posts)

22. He won't be back.

Having spent 45 or so years in Minneapolis I know the cops have his dope and every squad wil be looking for him. These peopel are just cowards and bullies. he might get his shit back eventually after a whole lot of red tape and "missing papers" No cop wants to have to deal with a heavily armed and dangerous lunatic. He wiill stay out of town. A cop can write tickets endlessly. Oh, failure to signal, not coming to a full stop etc. I estimate the average driver is guilty of a ticketible offense about every 3 blocks. I am sure the FBI has been called and a file has been started.

Not sure what they guy did wrong, other than made you feel uncomfortable. Not a reason to illegally ahrrass a guy like you want the police to do. Must not have been a POC, eh?

Star Member TomSlick (3,547 posts)

25. If he returns, I'd call the police and complain of stalking.

A distinct offense from any weapons charge.


keithbvadu2 (9,927 posts)

26. Armed Trump Supporter Who 'Intimidated' Virginia Voter Is Allowed To Carry Weapon, Officials Say

Armed Trump Supporter Who 'Intimidated' Virginia Voter Is Allowed To Carry Weapon, Officials Say

from 2016...

The torch of moral clarity since 12/18/07

2016 DOTY: 06 Omaha Steve - Is dying for ****'s face! How could you not vote for him, you heartless bastards!?!

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Re: Not even sure what to call this bouncy...
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 07:51:03 PM »
Third-hand poorly-crafted BS. Not even, "Nice story, Bro," grade.
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

Note to "Warpy": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!


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Re: Not even sure what to call this bouncy...
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 08:18:53 AM »
Star Member Srkdqltr (394 posts)

3. Don't they know that dems and anti trumpers can and do have guns?

People may be shooting back.
The whole "no one needs anything more than a bolt gun or a six shooter to protect themselves" position the anti-gun left pushes will be put to the test I guess.
The policies that are indorsed by this party, that they backer of which are much of the 1 percent, causes a social structure much like the one back before the Revolution.

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