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Sturgis Bouncy.
« on: August 12, 2019, 12:23:50 PM »
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Time Is Up Trump "Just leaving Sturgis bike rally -Shocking- the absence of Trump vendors..& atire."

Just leaving Sturgis bike rally. Shocking.. the absence of Trump vendors..and atire. Yes saw a couple shirts.. but so little compared to anywhere in 2018. Did not see 1 MAGA hat. Your time is up Trump!

Did you see the tacky 'Build the Wall" trailer that was driving around Sturgis?
He tried to get some friends who were selling Indian tacos 2 sell some of his Trump junk at their stand. Was very offended when they just started laughing at him.


There was trump stuff everywhere. I just got back from Sturgis myself. I rode, btw.
Sturgis, S.D.

They’re selling Trump T-shirts and shot glasses, Trump squishy dolls and teddy bears. They’ve got bobblehead Trumps and bumper stickers for sale alongside Trump coasters and coffee cups, Trump flags and flasks. Everywhere you look it’s Trump, Trump, Trump—Donald Trump’s face on merchandise at the dozens of pop-up stores serving the hundreds of thousands of bikers who have come to the Black Hills this week for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Each August, topless women parade up Main Street in this town of 7,000, as an endless line of motorcyclists roar back down Lazelle Street. People come to Sturgis from all over the country to be around other lovers of machines and the open road. It’s a chance to look at classic hogs and custom choppers, an occasion to celebrate bikers and the old outlaw culture.

The hardest question to answer here is how outlaw culture came to be so Republican. During the 10-day extravaganza, the last remnants of the Hells Angels mingle with Christian bikers, stockbrokers riding expensive Harley-Davidsons, old men on Triumphs, and young gearheads on light Suzukis. Together they cruise the Black Hills, enjoy concerts by George Thorogood and Keith Urban, drink at the bars, and buy lots and lots of Trump memorabilia.

Cornell “Tuffy” Nicholas, a circus owner from Florida, opened five “loud and proud” Trump shops in anticipation of the rally. But nearly every pop-up store in Sturgis sells Trump merchandise alongside rally souvenirs. There’s nothing comparable for the Democrats—no Beto mugs or Kamala Harris cigarette lighters. I watched a mother holding a Trump shirt up to her 10-year-old daughter, gauging the size. “We sell 30 a day,” one vendor said of the shirts, and the rally is definitely “one-way political.” After only a single day, “we’re already on our second box,” another vendor confided.

Asked what brings him to the Sturgis Rally, Mike Ford, a 55-year-old biker from Oklahoma City, answered, “I come for the crazy people.” The crazies are certainly around. A man in a beer barrel waddles through the crowd. Bikers perch dogs, some wearing doggy goggles, on their handlebars. A self-proclaimed “professional hobo” named “Tinker” offers a business card and fancy knives for sale. Todd Gilmore from Colorado, dressed up as Batman, captures Goblin, his mock-criminal companion in a green camo morphsuit. “It makes everyone so happy when I’m here,” he boasted when I interviewed him. Meanwhile, a biker gang of California Sikhs, all in turbans, rolls past the sales tents and the strolling police, who are careful not to notice the public nudity and minor misdemeanors.

Even in a weak year the half a million people who come to the Sturgis Rally drop around $800 million. South Dakota’s total state budget is only $4.6 billion. Concert headliners have ranged from Bob Dylan to Snoop Dogg to “Weird Al” Yankovic. Sarah Palin and the 78-year-old drag racer Don Prudhomme are among the visiting celebrities this year.

“We’re all on the same side,” a motorcycle-shop owner named David MacDonald explained about the politics of the riders. “It does seem a lot of bikers are on the Trump side,” a young man told me, while asking not to be named for fear he would lose his job in California. “I saw bikers wearing Trump gear like the gear I’m wearing”—because under Trump “unemployment has gone down and the economy is doing better.”

And yet the Sturgis gathering isn’t overwhelmingly political. Almost everyone there is for Trump, but the rally doesn’t feel like a Trump campaign event. The vibe is different. “We have good jobs, we’re educated,” insisted David Breunig, president of the Highway Riders, a California motorcycle club. “Just because we ride a Harley and look like this, we’re [still] good people.” The point of the Sturgis Rally, he said, is to be “a pilgrimage,” an “expression of freedom” and deeply “patriotic, [with] everyone flying American flags.”

And maybe something like that explains how we got from outlaw biker culture to support for Donald Trump. The answer is partly sociological: There’s an old American tale of freedom, and the open road became a conservative cause when the left embraced the coastal cities over Middle America’s countryside and turned against fossil fuels. The answer is also partly economic: Motorcycles were always associated with the working class, and the blue-collar Rust Belt now falls in the Trump column. Vietnam vets and their MIA movement added the American flag back into the mix.

In the 1953 biker movie “The Wild One,” a waitress asks Marlon Brando’s character what he is rebelling against. “What do you got?” he answers. Bikers are still rebels, only now they are rebelling against a dominant liberal culture that seems dull and prissy, and never liked them anyway.

Ms. Bottum is a civil-engineering student at the South Dakota School of Mines.

Bikers salute leader of their pack: Donald Trump

The video at CNN is heavily bias hit piece about how Sturgis is a white supremacy rally... BUT even CNN says bikers are overwhelmingly for Trump.

Another hit piece from the leftist rag The Dakota Free Press:

Nugent Returns to Full Throttle Saloon; Rally Thrives on Trumpist Incivility
Responding to public blowback over his decision to book Indian-hating Ted Nugent to perform during the 2014 Sturgis Rally, Full Throttle Saloon owner Michael Ballard said he didn’t know about Nugent’s  wouldn’t book the racist screamer again:

Ballard told the television station that his business –– billed as the “world’s largest biker bar” – “is not a racist establishment.”

“I can’t turn around and walk away from $150,000,”  Ballard said of his contract with Nugent, adding that in retrospect he wouldn’t have booked Nugent. “I mean that’s the nuts and bolts of it. Now that we’re made aware of it, we’ll listen to it next time” [Bill Morlin, “South Dakota Saloon Regrets Hosting Racist Rocker Ted Nugent,” Southern Poverty Law Center: Hatewatch, 2014.08.07].


Unless I missed some stealth reconciliation, Ballard has gone back on his word. As if to put a big inflatable middle finger on top of the new Full Throttle Saloon and campground that Ballard is building near Lakota sacred site Bear Butte (four and a half miles away, at a site already used for concerts, but still closer than it was in town), Ballard is listing Ted Nugent as performing on Tuesday, August 9.


The Republican nominee emblazoned in front of the Confederate traitor flag, male reproductive organs used as symbols of strength, female genitalia used to deride, plus a gratuitous slap at transgender identity—that’s the kind of speech that Trumpist Ted Nugent thinks deserves the Medal of Freedom… and that’s just the kind of speech and ethos that the Full Throttle Saloon, the Sturgis Rally, and our conservative state in general embrace this time of year as the basis of their tourism business model.

Oh, go **** yourself, hippy.

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2. Wow. It'll be a really significant indicator if fairly widespread.

Actual sales.

That said, media report that both Sturgis and NH's Laconia last month were full of aging, white, loyal trumpsters. Slanted?

Wonder if this Guardian statement is accurate:
"By the time Laconia’s bike week came to an end last month, his store had sold out of its most popular shirt, which read: “Trump 2020 – because f*ck your feelings.” “Most of the bikers here hate liberals,” he said.

Did it really take all week to clean out his best-seller?

Do Sturgis and Laconia draw a bit different crowds? Guardian's description of Laconia doesn't exactly sound like a bunch of middle class men indulging a week of fantasy role playing on their $20K Harleys. My husband, a hard-core dirt rider, and I once toured many, many thousands of miles on a BMW, alone and with friends, and we never attended a rally.

CNN: "In Sturgis, the definition of diversity is a white guy on a foreign bike." Forgot "aging."   

Thanks for passing this on.

yeah... can we say FAKE NEWS?

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4. Wow, when you've lost the biker crowd, you've lost.

They know what it means to stick together and the definition of loyalty. Trump doesn't know any of those things.

The left is caught up with their own lies that the landslide in 2020 will destroy them... I am betting the first claim of STOLEN ELECTION will be by 10PM EST on election day...

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9. Meanwhile...Rapid City pro-Trump store hit with graffiti


The recently opened pop-up store in Baken Park specializing in pro-Trump merchandise was found to have been vandalized Monday morning.

The Trump Shop, which opened the final week of July in anticipation of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, sits at the corner of Mountain View Road and Canyon Lake Drive. People from all over the country have gone in and out of the store to pick up their favorite Trump or GOP related item, such as buttons, shirts and hats.

Multiple exterior walls of the shop had been crudely spray-painted with symbols including the hammer and sickle associated with the flag of the now-defunct Soviet Union, a heart and an obscene statement. Rapid City Police are currently investigating, but as of this time no charges have been filed or suspects named.

“We’re here to be a positive building, a positive place,” said Ryan Flanagan from the Trump Shop. “I want people to come and really believe in America and be able to talk about our differences and we don’t have any issue with that.”

yeah... that's all the left has... hate and violence.

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Re: Sturgis Bouncy.
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2019, 01:30:06 PM »
WTF, that stuff isn't what's bouncy at Sturgis............ :-)
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Re: Sturgis Bouncy.
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2019, 02:19:25 PM »
This has toast, the tide is legs.


One anecdotal bullshit story causes DUmmies to do this:

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