Author Topic: These last few days are when trump lost the 2020 election if he gets there.  (Read 1316 times)

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These last few days are when trump lost the 2020 election if he gets there.
The nation, other than his sycophants, sees that he's that the job is way bigger than him. They also see that he is a racist divider who targets brown and black people.

He's lost the country and people are repulsed that he has the nerve to go to El Paso and Dayton after the killings. No one in those cities want to see him as he's seen as the catalyst for the attacks.


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2. Reincarnated Confederate Homunculi Double Down Every Single Time

To wit: massive ICE raids today.
They planned for this.


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4. I think this is true

Nicolle Wallace had a great discussion today with her panel. The topper was Soboroff's interview with Beto O'Rourke during her show where Soboroff asked Beto if Trump was a white supremacist and Beto said yes and cited specifics Trump comments.

They all thought that will completely change how the Dem candidates approach dealing with Trump. Also now that Trump has been named a white supremacist that premits candidates and strategists to think differently about Trump supporters. That maybe instead of trying to win over these voters, they'll think about turning out a different set of voters. They felt it permits Dems and others to say that everyone in the administration who enables Trump also supports white nationalism.

I think this will stick to Trump like Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans stuck to Bush 43.


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5. I think so too

Especially with that line about how you can only get away with shooting brown people in the panhandle. That's on tape forever. There's no way to pretend that he didn't personally egg white supremacists on to do something like El Paso.


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8. the Republican party is in for some ugly times (and some of them know it)

unfortunately, they will be taking the country along with them, at least for a while. Hard times. Lots of filth and venom needing to be mucked out. LOTS of rebuilding to be done.

At least we should once and for all be able to drive a stake through the heart of that infuriating inanity:
"Oh, they're all just the same .." ---- "No, by god, they are NOT .. and anybody with a thimble full of sense ..."

tell me they are not reaching for a war...
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