Author Topic: VIDEO: Media Hypes Joe Biden "OVERFLOW" Crowd in Charleston  (Read 274 times)

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My suspicions about the supposed Joe Biden OVERFLOW crowd in Charleston, SC was aroused when I noted that ONLY media folks (and Biden's press secretary) were posting about it on Twitter. An investigation easily revealed that the OVERFLOW crowd was nowhere near the numbers that were hyped by the media. In fact, they could have easily fit into the main room. My suspicion is that many of them did go into the main room (with room to spare) after they listened to Biden speak to them from a stage complete with sound system oh so conveniently set up for them.

The main takeaway is that the press was finally able to report that Biden had an OVERFLOW crowd. Got that? It might have be a laughably small OVERFLOW crowd that could have been in the main room with no problem but the main takeaway they wanted to report is that Joe Biden had an OVERFLOW crowd. MSM talking point achieved!