Author Topic: VIDEO: Donny Deutsch and Lawrence O'Donnell Post Debate Brawl  (Read 162 times)

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The most heated part of the first Democrat presidential candidate debate was not what happened on the stage. It was what happened afterwards during an MSNBC panel discussion about the debate when Donny Deutsch gave some very unwanted opinions as to the unelectability of the candidates. Lawrence O'Donnell could not allow this serious divergence from the liberal GroupThink go unchallenged and what resulted was a heated brawl between Donnie and O'Donnell. Will there be a Round Two of this brawl after the second Democrat debate or will MSNBC be unable to tolerate anything that cannot be absorbed by the Liberal Borg?

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Re: VIDEO: Donny Deutsch and Lawrence O'Donnell Post Debate Brawl
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They deserve each other.

And whoever this woman was who told Donny he was in a "safe space" at MSNBC couldn't have done more to prove than NBC is beholden to the Democrat party.  And there's Brain Williams sitting there soaking it all in and agreeing, and then the network wants us to believe the NBC Evening News will be truthful?

The cat has been out of the bag for a long time. I suppose I'm surprised they aren't trying to at least hide it still, but they aren't.

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