Author Topic: M. Nance, The President of the United States may have committed treason  (Read 142 times)

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M. Nance, The President of the United States may have committed treason

Twitter was alight on Thursday morning with calls to "impeach Trump now." Americans were accusing President Donald Trump of treason after saying in a television interview that he would be willing to take foreign information on a rival in the upcoming 2020 election.

"TREASON," Dena Grayson, a former Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress, wrote in a tweet sharing a clip of the interview.

"This is treason in broad daylight," another social media user added, before calling on Democrats Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "do your job" and "#ImpeachTrumpNow."

Despite facing widespread calls from Democrats to start impeachment proceedings against Trump, Pelosi said on Tuesday that the push to launch the process is "not even close" to having enough support in the House.


Nancy P. now is the time. End of story. Trump all but admitted that he took Russian help in 2016.

So.... Hillary and the DNC committed treason? Not just talked about a maybe situation, but did it?

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1. Its about ****ing time
Impeach the Mother****er

Exactly what crimes were committed?

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2. May?


ITTMF and Lock him Up!

Yeah... what crime was it again?

thesquanderer (7,111 posts)

4. I can't see bringing action for being WILLING to commit a crime, better to prove he DID.(nt)


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8. Important point.

Treason, legally speaking, is a hanging offense, and no one hangs for shooting off their mouth. This offense can and should "hang" him in the court of public opinion, but nowhere else.

In the meantime, Trump continues to commit offenses in plain view that should land him in jail. Impeach him, try him, convict him and jail him, I say.

What crimes, exactly has trump committed?

triron (12,565 posts)

23. So how is what Trump did not treason according to Art. 3?

Russia attacks our democracy and that is not the action of an enemy?! WTF is an enemy anyway?
So when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor they weren't then our enemy?? The concept of 'declared war'
against Russia is obsolete. A nuclear war that would ensue would destroy civilization. Congress would
be insane to do such a thing.


lagomorph777 (9,843 posts)

20. There is no (current) option for criminal accountability anyway. Impeachment is needed.

Stating willingness (intention) to commit a crime, and inviting multiple foreign attackers, is plenty of grounds for impeachment, even if not for indictment.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors? What statute was violated?

sop (522 posts)

26. I see it as more of a confession for past crimes than the "intention" to commit a future crime

Trump openly admits he sees nothing wrong with soliciting and accepting damaging information on his political opponents from Russian government sources, and he would do it (again?) if offered such "opposition research." Knowing how Trump's mind works, I think that's a tacit admission he did it during the 2016 election.

yeah... that's not how the criminal code works, though.

yaesu (1,231 posts)

6. he asked russia to help him right on national TV & got away with it

so he will get away with this also. nt


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12. Russia declared itself as an enemy to America when they attacked our democracy and rigged the ...

... election to install Trump as President.


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15. The Americans who helped Russia's attack are no different then if we had Americans helping the Japanese in their attack on Pearl Harbor. Both Manafort and Gates passed along internal polling (really advanced data analytics) to the GRU/FSB with which Russia used in order to target certain states in order to throw the election to Trump.


Perseus (2,298 posts)

16. May, may????

How many times are we going to doubt about the buffoon being a traitor?

Why are people afraid to just say it...its easy..."the buffoon is a traitor"..translated..."donald j trump, acting president of the United States of America is a traitor."..."acting"...pun intended.

Meanwhile, Hillary violated several laws (which there is evidence of) and not a ****ing word is spoken...


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17. Impeachment inquiries please

he just admitted it. Or let's all light up the phones in our Senators or Reps offices. McConnell has to go too. After listening to Jon Stewart about the 1st responders I think I have had it.

****, protect the country, the Constitution instead of these thugs ripping to shreds for the Russians.

The best way to protect the constitution is to line up every leftist and shoot them.

triron (12,565 posts)

36. OK then the constitution is obsolete on this point. It needs to be amended.

Absurd not to call a hostile foreign power who attacks our democracy an enemy.


Chin music (2,968 posts)

30. You dont have to prove a crime to impeach.

Its meant to 'cleanse the office." See LG under Clinton.


1democracy (166 posts)

41. He cheated...

If we can't believe in our elections, we are not a democracy anymore.
He said he will cheat again... so what can be done to stop him?

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