Author Topic: ‘Extremely Scary’: Jamaica Plain Residents Fearful Of Aggressive Turkeys  (Read 92 times)

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‘Extremely Scary’: Jamaica Plain Residents Fearful Of Aggressive Turkeys

BOSTON (CBS) – Sometimes nature can get a little too close for comfort, and sometimes that’s due to wild turkeys. We saw a tweet Monday about just that from someone who lives in the Moss Hill section of Jamaica Plain.

She complained about aggressive turkeys pecking at people out walking. We checked it out, and found that she’s not alone.

“It’s extremely scary. It’s frightening. If you’re walking they come up extremely, extremely close to you and they come forward like they’re going to bite you,” says Kathy Milmoe who lives in the neighborhood.

Turkeys are related to ptarmigans. A turkey can overpower a human and most certainly a rabbit.  :fuelfire:
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For Fallout4 players, the bigger problem is radioactive feral ghouls...….

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