Author Topic: The one in which kentuck admits they are fuqued...  (Read 334 times)

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The one in which kentuck admits they are fuqued...
« on: May 05, 2019, 01:37:30 PM »
kentuck (91,186 posts)

I don't think we should put too many chips on Robert Mueller.

I do not think he will try to discredit Bill Barr in any way.

He will say that it was Bill Barr's decision to make, whether or not he agreed with him. That was how the Special Counsel law was written.

He will say that Congress has their rights and responsibilities delineated by the Constitution.

He will admit thst we were attacked by Russia in a "sweeping and systematic fashion".

He will say he called them the way he saw them.

He will not tell the Congress what he thinks they should do.

He will be a very cautious and careful witness.


It's most moaning and groaning from teh DUmpmonkiez as they are beginning to realize they are screwn in 2020 and beyond...

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13. The GOP already knows what he will say

Or he would not be allowed to speak


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14. I don't know. He wouldn't have written two letters to Barr if he...

was in total agreement with his four-page summary, roll out of the report and lying and stonewalling Congress.

IMO what questions come from the committee members and the answers elicited is what will be relevant. There are ways to get at information, and I don't think Mueller will lie under questioning like Barr did.

But we shall see if he's more loyal to Barr and trump or the country.


Liberalhammer (314 posts)

17. I would bet the farm

That Mueller supports Trumps domestic agenda 100%. We've seen it before with every other Republican. In the end they all fall in line.

It's the party of TRUMP. Conservatives and Republicans are a lost cause.

I never trusted Mueller or any of them. Period!

They are an enemy to this Democratic republic, the more of us whom realize this fact, the better off we'll be.

The only hope and trust is in those who resist and fight back.

The old rules are dead, until the beast is slain.

Know your enemy.


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26. Mueller is a Company Man and Good Soldier. He's no John Kerry when it comes to outing atrocities.


Catch2.2 (288 posts)

30. Sadly I feel you're right...

Tbh, I feel the Dems won't/can't do anything. Trump will serve out the remainder of his presidency. If we are fortunate enough to elect someone else in 2020, the sentiment will be to not focus on Trump, but to look to the future. Investigations into him will cease, and Trump will have gotten away with everything. Worse, this will now let the Republicans know they can get away with anything.

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Re: The one in which kentuck admits they are fuqued...
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2019, 01:43:23 PM »
Ruh-roh! kt is resisting Lucy's tantalizing football! :rotf: And warning DUpipo against the temptress! :rotf:
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