Author Topic: Researcher Questions Hate Crime Hike Under Trump, Points to Hoaxes, Flawed Data  (Read 108 times)

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Researcher Questions Hate Crime Hike Under Trump, Points to Hoaxes, Flawed Data Analysis

A Kentucky researcher doubts reports of a growing hate crime problem in America in recent years, arguing that the increase in hate crime reports in 2017 can be mostly explained away as hoaxed crimes and erroneously interpreted data.

Hate crimes increased by some 17.2 percent between 2016 and 2017, according to the latest FBI data. But Wilfred Reilly, assistant professor at Kentucky State University, says the increase was mainly caused by the fact that about 1,000 more law enforcement agencies reported their hate crime data to the FBI in 2017.

“To be responsible for the entire surge, each agency [of the 1,000] would have to report exactly one hate crime,” he pointed out via email. “I believe with reason—given the average agency has reported between .44 and .63 hate crimes annually in recent years, and that high-crime agencies are more likely to withhold data from the FBI in the first place—that almost all of the surge is due to this technical change in reporting rates.”

Hate crimes get the most attention. In California, hate crimes do not go to prosecution and few even get charged, let alone conviction. There are more likely hoaxes.

Of the nearly 1,100 hate crimes reported in California in 2017, only 35 percent were referred for prosecution, less than 18 percent saw hate crimes charges filed, and less than 6 percent ended up in a conviction (pdf).

If California is any indication for conviction rates nationwide, Reilly says, there are around two hate hoaxers for every convicted hate criminal.
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