Author Topic: Why am I so positive about VP Biden? I like him!!!! Peacetrain  (Read 143 times)

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Peacetrain (16,721 posts)

Why am I so positive about VP Biden? I like him!!!!

I think he is the best equipped to rebuild the government.. there will be a lot of rebuilding that will be needed.. not just with our allies and setting boundaries with demagogues that we have been embracing under the current Administration...but just rebuilding the government structure with has been allowed to restaff our embassies etc etc etc.

Does the Vice President have a long history and with it some things none of us like.. oh yeah.. Mama did not raise any fools..but the difference with the VP Biden from others, is he may not always make the best decisions but he is able to re-look at his decisions and move in the correct direction.. we do NOT need another person so caught up in their philosophy that they cannot see when they have taken a wrong turn..

But But VP Biden has not apologized enough... no one who demands an apology and says they do it because they do not want that person to run.. does not want an apology.. they just do not want that person to run.

But he cannot get elected with that history even if he did not do anything sexual or aggressive.. he made people uncomfortable....He did and he has addressed that..And if Bill Clinton could get re-elected while having an affair, and Donald Trump could get elected who has actually been a sexual deviant.. Joe Biden hugging people and rubbing noses is not going to stop him from being elected..

And there you have it.. I am completely comfortable with who I have chosen..

Donald Trump is a sexual deviant and Clinton just had an affair? You are one sick twisted bitch.

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Re: Why am I so positive about VP Biden? I like him!!!! Peacetrain
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Facts don't matter to DUpipo

Note to "Warpy": I voted for Donald Trump! I would do so again!