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Why the Women's March saddens (and outrages) this long-time feminist and women's rights activist

I have been marching for women’s rights for a long, long time -- with my feet, my voice, and my pen. I am still doing so.

Currently, the most high-profile activity of the so-called “women’s movement” in the United States is one that saddens and outrages me. Their leadership seems to have no track record in terms of fighting for women’s rights.

Yes, I want a vibrant and radical feminist movement. But this is not it. Rather, it is a shell game, a performance, a con job.

It is not a women's movement, more like a leftist identity movement.

The Women’s March addresses “immigration reform” and “police violence against black men;” they are “anti-racists,” not “anti-sexists;” they prioritize “queer and transgender” politics, but never plain old garden variety women’s issues.

You would think #MeToo would protest sexual harassment. Nothing about it.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, has the Women’s March leadership been funding lawsuits for poor women who are being sexually harassed as they work in lettuce fields and on factory floors, whose harassers demand sex as the price to work for below-poverty wages?  Have they funded escapes for prostituted girls trapped in brothels, or for dissidents and women in flight from being honor killed? If so, they’ve kept quiet about it. What about women abused in pornography?

It is very welcome to see such diverse women taking stage center on a full range of issues. But are they doing feminist work?

This week, the Women’s March published a statement explaining that they had expanded their steering committee. If ever there was a naked emperor (or in this case, a naked empress), here she is.
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So it looks like the feminazis want to get back to having all men turn in their balls. :thatsright:

There are so many groups "fighting for their rights" that it has become a joke. :rant: :rant: :rant:

Go get a life and stop whining, and while you are at it make me some samiches!
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