Author Topic: WATCH: ABC News Reporter Has Bad News For Those Waiting For Mueller Bombshell  (Read 7100 times)

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WATCH: ABC News Reporter Has Bad News For Those Waiting For Mueller Bombshell

Ryan Saavedra

January 13. 2019


ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl said on Sunday that those who are hoping for a "bombshell" in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation are likely to be disappointed, according to his sources.

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Here is another angle to the absurd investigations that indicate the irrational hatred of Trump:

By Mark Penn

January 14, 2019

Mark Penn: FBI Trump-Russia investigation shows deep state was worse than we thought


I guess no one in the FBI ever watched “The Apprentice.” It was only the number-one rated show in the country.  In it, Donald Trump, more than any other person in the world, made famous weekly the phrase “you’re fired.”

Consequently when Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey, exercising the authority he believed he had as president of the United States, he was taking the very action he made famous. It wasn’t out of character for him but in character, as he has been throughout his administration.  If anything, it’s hard to find anyone who has not been fired or threatened with firing. It’s what he does.

Now, let’s review some of the actions of the FBI director. Many of these actions were clear at the time; others we know only now. What we have learned since underscores that the president’s firing of Comey was more than justified, and the actions of Comey’s staff and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to trigger the most extensive investigation in history of a campaign, an administration and a president appear to be wholly without justification – and were based instead on politically inspired emotion and hysteria.

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I look at it this way -

As organizations such as the federal government (and other smaller organizations like it) evolve, they fundamentally begin to lose sight of why they're there in the first place. They - individually and collectively - begin to serve themselves first. We have seen ample evidence of this in Congress and their actions that have bestowed ever-more perks and valuable/costly benefits for themselves -- and to hell with the citizens who are paying their bill.

They have placed themselves, time and again, above the law and above the disciplines and practices that the average person has to do to stay within the law. Many - not all, but many - have found it convenient and beneficial to use their power to exploit others and put themselves in financial positions that the average person can't even fathom.

So now, the Deep State - which, in my view definitely exists - feels threatened by DJT and is lashing out to unseat him if they can, and unsettle him which they are most definitely doing. The President rather scathingly mentioned it during SOTU and once again threw down the gauntlet. And Mueller pretends to investigate, which he will continue to do until his masters tell him to quit.

My point is -- this is what happens inevitably when organizations go through their life cycle. The career bureaucrats and politicians that just move around the D.C. cesspool like scum on a pond know where their bread is buttered and they will spare no effort in destroying anyone who dares to question their authority, their security, and ultimately their vision -- which is self-preservation.

Running the government is pretty much secondary on their priority list. That's why it takes eons for the government to get anything done.

I'm too young to have been around during WWII, but I know that this country basically turned itself on a dime, marshaled its forces, and defeated the antagonist enemy in less than 4 years. Doing the same thing today would be impossible because of the bloat, the bureaucracy, and the self-preservation of those in government at all levels who have glommed on to what serves them best.

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