Author Topic: Primitives seemingly content with a Republican as Speaker of the House  (Read 174 times)

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Fri Oct 19, 2018, 04:53 PM
RandySF (21,285 posts)

Nancy Pelosi hints at short-term lease on House speakership

Democrats have yet to win a House majority and Nancy Pelosi’s return as speaker is by no means certain, but already she has one eye on the exits.
“I see myself as a transitional figure,” Pelosi said in an interview in which she professed utmost confidence that, should Democrats take control of the chamber on Nov. 6, she will again assume the top leadership position. “I have things to do. Books to write; places to go; grandchildren, first and foremost, to love.”

She hastened to add she was not imposing a limit on her tenure. “Do you think I would make myself a lame duck right here over this double-espresso?” the San Francisco Democrat said Thursday in a downtown Miami cafe, with a raised eyebrow and a laugh.
By implicitly limiting her time as speaker, Pelosi could ease the pressure to stand aside by signaling her willingness for a new and younger generation of leaders to take over sooner rather than later.

Pelosi has quietly been grooming potential successors, among them Rep. Adam Schiff of Burbank, and though she said she would be delighted to hand the speaker’s gavel to another woman — “Oh, yeah!” she exclaimed — she has no plans to try to force a choice.

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Over 500 views and not one single primitive comments on this post from RandySF--who is a well known and well regarded primitive.

No excitement over Stretch grooming the mighty Adam Schiff as her hand picked successor--the dashing Adam Schiff, whose powerfully built neck strains his shirt collars to the breaking point.
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