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Phone question
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:26:38 AM »
I don't know if this needs to be posted here, in "Around the house" or in the computer section.

Right now my phone bill (including DSL) is between $300 to $350 a month. Most of that is because it is a business line and yellow pages advertising is ridiculous.

When I upgraded my cell phone the other day my wife noticed that Verizon has a router type device called SmartHub that would allow you, among other things, to use your home phone (and IMPORTANTLY keep you existing number) through their network.

Does anyone here have any experience with Verizon's SmartHub?

If it is legit, I'm thinking that I may be able to upgrade my cell phone plan to unlimited, use the SmartHub, do away with my landline completely, and possibly save some money.
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