Author Topic: The Craziest Regulations in the Obama Era  (Read 148 times)

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The Craziest Regulations in the Obama Era
« on: January 22, 2017, 10:43:21 AM »
Removing ‘He’ and ‘She’ From Regs to Avoid Gender Norms

The pronouns “he” and “she” were too heteronormative for the Department of Labor when it introduced a new anti-discrimination regulation last year.

The agency proposed removing the terms “he” and “she” from a regulation in an effort to “avoid the gender binary.” The rule also added “sex stereotyping, transgender status, and gender identity” to the list of types of discriminatory behavior prohibited under a federal job training program.

The rule was finalized in December, and “gender-specific terminology” from the law was removed, including any reference to “he or she,” “him or her,” and “his or her.”

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