Author Topic: Who Divided The Bible Into Chapters And Verses?  (Read 11986 times)

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Who Divided The Bible Into Chapters And Verses?
« on: January 07, 2017, 01:48:38 PM »
Who Divided The Bible Into Chapters And Verses?
Mark Woods
Christian Today Contributing Editor
05 January 2017
Anyone who knows about Magna Carta and King John has probably heard of Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury who brokered peace between the king and his rebellious barons and made the Great Charter possible.

But Stephen Langton has a far greater claim to fame. We take advantage of his deep biblical learning ... he was the one who came up with the chapter divisions we take for granted.

Before Langton (1150-1228), several people had tried to divide the longer books of the Bible into more manageable chunks. But his version was the one that stuck and is the basis of the chapters we use today.
What about the verse divisions? ... Italian Dominican scholar Santi Pagnini (1470–1541) divided the New Testament into verses, but they were a lot longer than the ones we have today and didn't catch on. The credit for our system today goes to a French scholar, Robert Estienne (1503-59), also known as Robertus Stephanus ... . He created a verse numbering system in his 1551 Greek New Testament and in his 1553 French Bible. ...

The first English Bible to use chapters and verses as we have them today was the Geneva Bible in 1560. Almost all Bibles use them because of their convenience ... .

Nothing controversial in this, just some interesting historical background to a system that, even with some flaws, makes the Bible much more usable than would be massive (like in Isaiah, for example) blocks of text.
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