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The Yooper Dictionary
« on: June 06, 2011, 01:00:46 PM »
Time for a little edumaction. (From various sources.)


Yoopers are those residents of the U.S., largely of Finnish and other Scandinavian descent, who reside in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan (De Yooper Peninsula.)

Affected Time Zone Disorder. This is a problem suffered by those Yoopers who live on the Central/Eastern time zone line in the southwestern section of da Upper Peninsula. Four counties in da U.P., Menominee, Dickinson, Iron and Gogebic, operate in the Central Time Zone. Those who live in this area are often heard to say, "Is that my time or your time?"

Apple Knocker  A person from the Lower Peninsula. Usually a hunter who likes to hunt in da U.P.

Babysit  That yellow stuff in diapers.

Da Yoopers favorite drink.

Big Bad John
Sixty foot statue of a miner that welcomes you to the Iron Mountain iron mine tourist attraction in Vulcan, Michigan.

Black Ice
It's not in your drink! It's the kind of ice you don't know is on the road until your car starts to go out of control!

Nickname given to the student newspaper "Northwind" at Northern Michigan University.

Canadians (name most often heard in Sault Ste. Marie "Da Soo")

A native of the neighboring state of Wisconsin.

A deer skin mitten with a wool mitten insert. What Yoopers wear to keep their hands warm. Choppers are also part of Yooper active wear that include a Chuke and a pair of Swampers.

What the Trolls call a stocking cap. A knitted hat usually with a tassel and usually hand knit by your grandmother. Pronounced "Chook, Sounds like book" or "Chuke, Sounds like puke." (see also "Touke").

Crawler Gear
4WD Low gear in a four-by-four; used for inching or crawling along in treacherous terrain.

CHP  Crawling Home Puker

Cudighi  A hamburger-like sandwich with a spicier meat, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Da Bears

Da NFL team Da Yoopers hate the most!

Da Camp  Where male Yoopers go each Fall - Hunting Camp; usually means deer camp

Da Doo Wop Malt Shop
Da ultimate place to go for 50's style malts, sodas and ice cream treats. Enjoy 50's style decor and juke box. Located at the top of the hill in Norway, MI. Turn right at the top of Norway Hill and follow signs.

Da Locks
The Locks system in the St. Mary's River in Da Soo. Very beneficial maritime navigational aid for shipping, and a source of confusion for Fudgies (Why are the Locks built here? Why weren't they built someplace where more people could see them, like Detroit or Chicago?)

Da Mitten  Another nickname Yoopers have for da Lower Peninsula.  Da Pack  Da NFL team dat da Yoopers love da most!  Da Soo  Sault Ste. Marie, Yooperland. Right across the border from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Great White North.

Da Yooper Bowl
This football game was played for the first time in 1996, in California. It featured Steve Mariucci's California Golden Bears against John Ralston and San Jose State. (Mariucci is a native of Iron Mountain. Ralston is a native of Norway, Michigan.)

Da Yoopers
Not only means the inhabitants of Michigan's UP, but also the name of one of the most popular bands in da U.P.

The organization most responsible for the extinction of native brook trout in Yooperland. Also known as the Department of No Results.

To go smelt dipping. Especially on the first weekend of the smelt running at the Days River outside Gladstone

Dreaded Dash of Death, The  When you try to cross US 41 by the Yoopers Tourist Trap and not get killed by a boss beer truck.

Edmund Fitzgerald
Iron ore carrier, steaming out of Duluth, that sank 15 miles off of Whitefish Point with all 29 hands on 10 November 1975 during a hurricane-force gale on Lake Superior. Also the inspiration for Gordon Lightfoot's tribute, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

A word that ends practically every sentence in the U.P. (example: "Say ya to da U.P., Eh!").

Half of famous Finnish duo Toivo and Eino. Many, many yooper jokes feature Toivo and Eino!

The game of Cribbage

The official language of Da U.P. Examples- Dese, Dem Dose, and De Udders (and De Udders ain't on De Cow!)

Flatlander  A person from the lower peninsula (see also "Loper" and "Troll").

Nickname of Kingsford high school sports teams. It comes from the name given to a Model A Ford that was produced in Kingsford in the 1920's.

Affectionate term for tourists (usually Trolls) who buy massive amounts of homemade fudge while on Mackinac Island and at Da Locks in Da Soo.

Gaas (as spoken in Crystal Falls) Da stuff dat makes cars and lawn mowers go.

Give 'er tarpaper
To work feverishly, something Yoopers are famous for.

Going Shop-ko (or Co-op)
Yooper phrase meaning "Going to the store."

Greater Michigan  What Trolls call the Lower Peninsula.  Great White North  Canada.

Head 'er For Sagola  Let's paint the town red!
Heikki Lunta
In Yooperland mythology, the god of snow.

Nickname of Ishpeming high school sports teams. Comes from a type of iron ore mined in the Ishpeming area.

Holy Man!  Not used to describe a clergyman, but rather as the ultimate Yooper exclamation. Used when a mere "Holy Whaa" doesn't suffice. The A-bomb of Yooper exclamations.

Yooper expletive meaning, roughly "Holy _______!"

Da Grocery Store

Quart of beer you drink while sittin' on da porch and listenin' to da Tigers.

Knockin' Pine
"He's spending Saturday night without a date!"

The historical old-fashioned hat with ear flaps and a flannel lining worn by loggers and miners in photos from the U.P. boom years. Made by the Kromer company in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and still sold in select fashion emporiums in the U.P. A favorite of Yooper outdoorsmen.

Lambeau Field
Mecca for Yooper football fans. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Home of the 1995 Central Division champion Green Bay Packers! Yoopers have been known to bow toward this structure three times daily!

Skis, usually homemade.

Native of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan (see also "Troll" and "Flatlander").

Marble Orchard

The Mining Urinal
Nickname given to the Marquette County newspaper The Mining Journal

Nickname of Gwinn high school sports teams.

Motor City Madman
See Ted Nugent.

Nine-O-Six (906)
God's area code (the area code for all of Yooperland).

Tiny gnats capable of driving strong men insane.

Anything sout' of da Bridge.

Packer-Backer-Maki Budweiser drinkin’-snow machine ridin'-snow suit wearin’-Skoal chewin’-Green Bay Packer fanatics.

Finnish (or Cornish, depending on who you want to believe!) meat pie made with onions beef and potatoes. Many variations on the basic recipe have been created. Some include rutabaga and cayenne pepper. The pasty was introduced to the U.P. by immigrants in the 1880's. Best to buy those that are made in da U.P. Those made elsewhere don't taste nearly as good. If it's made below the Mackinac bridge, don't buy it unless a certified Yooper has prepared it!

Pine Mountain Ski Jump
One of the world's best 90 meter free-standing ski jumps. Since 1939, has held annual ski jumping tournament. In 1996 held World Cup ski jump event; the first one in United States since 1990. Masahiko Harada of Japan set a new hill record with a jump of 459 feet, a jump that also tied the North American Ski Jumping record. Pine Mountain Resort is also a great place for recreational downhill and cross-country skiing. Located in Iron Mountain.

Pre'ner  Stands for "pretty near" as in: There were pre'ner tirty bucks out by da camp! Or, We're pre'ner Felch now.


Quill Pig  The native U.P. porcupine.

Raha  Money or other medium of exchange.

Ralph  A small community in Da U.P. Also means to drink too much and toss your cookies!  RAM-ing. Running amuck. Out for a road trip or a day of heavy duty shopping!

Rest Stop
Public bathroom near the highway. (rare in Yooperland)

Sail Rabbit
Delicacy enjoyed by diehard Yoopers. Actually it's the flattened rabbit (or other varmint) you find on the highway that just missed making it across US 2 with the rest of his bunny friends. The more vehicles that have run over it, the better! After peeling off the road let dry on the front porch or in the back of your pickup truck. When dry, sail it through the air like a frisbee.

Seney Stretch
The "Seney Stretch" is an approximately 18 mile stretch of M-28 from Seney to Shingleton. This stretch is a straight line run along the northern boundary of the Seney Wildlife Refuge. There are lots and lots of trees here, but not much else. The only notable road that intersects it is the Crieghton Truck Trail. This is nothing but a rut road in the finest tradition.

Side By Each
Standing next to each other. As in, "Der dey were; towsands of deer standing in da field side by each!"

The quality possessed by Yoopers which enables them to endure and even enjoy Yooperland winters.


A large native insect known to suck small animals dry. Rumored to be Yooperland's 'state' bird. Distant cousin to the domesticated mosquito found in other areas.

Skunk Beer
It's the kind of beer that, after you have opened one and taken a sip, you realize why it was on sale for $2.99 a case! It can also make you wonder how they got the skunks to stand still and pee in the bottles!

Smart Pills
Rabbit droppings, in Yooperland legend said to increase intelligence.

Fishing for smelt. Dip nets are often used. The Days River near Gladstone is a good place to go smelt'n

Snow Cow
Moose (or mother-in-law).

Snow Tank (also Snow Boat)
A big old rusty car, preferably a large Dodge, Chevy or Plymouth from the 1960's 70's or early 80's with at least 140,000 miles on it that gets about 7 miles to the gallon. When a snow storm and bad roads shut down other cars, these cars will get you to your destination. Radio, heater and windshield wipers optional. Also looks better if you have a coat hanger for an antenna and are missing at least one hub cap.

Sparklers  If a Yooper is caught wearing an extremely white pair of socks he is said to be sporting a pair of Sparklers!

Speed Beef
Those four legged critters with white tails and antlers that run in front of your car and freeze in the headlights. Best served as sausage or smoked jerky.

Stop and Go
What a traffic light is called in the U.P.

Another term (old 1940's) for a flatlander.

Suomi Kutsu
The longest running Finnish-American television show in America. Hosted by Carl Pellonpaa, it airs on WLUC-TV 6, on Sunday mornings. Suomi Kutsu is Finnish for "Finland Calling."

Rubber boots worn by Yoopers in the spring during the muddy season. (Not a winter boot.)

The past tense of Tink

Ted Nugent
Rock and roll legend and wildlife guru to Yoopers. Believes in the spirit of the wild and the preservation of wilderness paradises like the upper peninsula. Also goes by the names: Whackmaster, Uncle Ted. Like most Yoopers, Ted won't back down and won't take crap from anybody!!! One of the few downstaters that has been adopted into the great white north Yooper society! His album "Spirit of the Wild" and songs like "Fred Bear" epitomize the feelings of those who are fortunate enough to live in the U.P.

People from Detroit or Ohio who visit the UP every November.

Yooper mental process, usually done with the aid of a cigarette and a cup of coffee (or a beer).

Tip Up Town
Once winter sets in and the ice thickens on the UP’s many lakes ice fishing shanties start to appear on the lakes creating tip up towns. A "tip up" is a small fishing pole used for ice fishing.

The other half of "Eino and Toivo". These Finnish names come up in many a Yooper joke!

Pronounced: Chouk. A winter hat worn by a Yooper, similar to a stocking cap (see also Chuke).

Yooper party where everyone brings a bottle of booze and pours it into a trash can for all to share. A brand new trash can is recommended but not always used!

The number after one and two. Used mainly by older Yoopers.

Trenary Toast
No cup of coffee or tea is complete without a piece of Trenary toast to dunk into it. It's a hard cinnamon toast that people are willing to drive miles and miles for.

Refers to a native of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan (see also Loper and Flatlander).

Comes after first and second. Used mainly by older Yoopers!

TV 6 WLUC  For people without cable, it's the link to the outside world! Over the years people have referred to it as "With Luck U C TV!"

Someone who is constantly running between home and da camp!

Wayne Fontes  #1 cause of heartburn and ulcers among Dee-troit Lions fans in da U.P.! As of December 27, used in the past tense!

Wha! An exclamation used only by Yoopers. used in place of "WOW!"

Where's the flood???
Translation: "Your pant legs could be lowered a few inches!"

Ya Know? Yooper phrase meaning "Do you agree?"

Yah, Hey!!! You've got to be kidding me! I don't believe it!

The territory north of the Mackinac Bridge.

Yooper phrase meaning, "Yes, without a doubt."

Youse Guys
You guys. Often used to refer to more than one person, i.e. "Are youse guys going smelt'n tonight?"

Illinois, south of the gun controllers in Chi town

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Re: The Yooper Dictionary
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Aw com-on CG - lets tell em what it's like in the UP and Wisconsin

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