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primitive wants to feed birds ham fat

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Oh man.

Incredibly, franksolich, desperately looking for a bonfire of interest, ends up in the bird forum on Skins's island.

--- Quote ---shireen  (1000+ posts)     Fri Jun-19-09 02:25 PM
Original message
question about using ham fat for bird food

Hi ... i recently ordered a really lovely ham that had thick layers of fat. I've been saving this fat in the freezer, hoping to make some wildbird "suet" cakes for a friend who has feeders.

- First of all, is it safe to use this fat?
- I was thinking of rendering it in a pan, then adding some cornmeal or other grains. After it cools, cut it into pieces and freeze it.
- Should i save these cakes in the freezer till winter? Or will it go rancid?
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--- Quote ---Inchworm  (1000+ posts)        Mon Jun-22-09 01:01 PM
Response to Original message
1. I do this as well

I'm pretty sure I read up on it at the time and found it safe, but get other opinions as well.

Here is the best picture I can find. I could NOT find original ingredient list, but I do remember it was rendered pig. Seems like I used fatback and the cut stuff from butcher.

Apologies for the beer. I was celebrating.

after which a photograph of a can of Budweiser beer, with food-faddist products in the background

The woodpeckers and small birds love it! They enjoy it for 3-4 days until the squirrels find it and eat it.
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DUmmies know zero about hog fat........add it to a pot of beans, greens....anything and it taste so much better. Who would waste perfectly good hog fat on birds?

Ham fat has too much salt for birds.
That DUmmy will be a serial bird killer.


--- Quote from: BadCat on June 24, 2009, 09:47:58 AM ---Ham fat has too much salt for birds.
That DUmmy will be a serial bird killer.

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Not to mention the chemicals that get used in the preservation process. 

Why do DUmmies want birds to suffer?

I never thought of the salt content of the ham fat. :thatsright:  I was going to say why couldn't you use ham fat.  My dog ate a whole cake of suet once and fed the birds with her special birdseed poopies for days. :cheersmate:


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